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Ideas in the Mobile Space

The past two years have seen a monumental engagement in mobile startups as well as web based applications. These startups began as ideas that allow people to interact with their friends and others across the globe. Pinterest, for example, allows you to organize things you find all over the internet and then share those things with others. A  simple idea like Pinterest is now a million dollar company. Another lesser known mobile startup, Airbnb, is a mobile application that helps its users rent spaces while traveling across world. In July, Airbnb announced it has raised over $112 million. With ideas like this and the money that they generate, it seems clear that more and more people are realizing the potential that mobile startups raise. With an increase in smartphones and other mobile devices, these startups will only surge in the future. With so much confidence being invested in this market now, your idea can be a monumental success.

The Emergence of HTML5 in mobile use

When creating complex web pages or web applications, HTML is rapidly becoming the go-to source. HTML5 has become the unofficial language for presenting content on the internet. Not only is it being rapidly used by larger social media companies like Twitter and Youtube, but games like Quake II and the longtime classic Asteroids have reinvented themselves in the  HTML5 format. HTML5 is still relatively new, but its capabilities are extremely impressive. It allows users to work with vivid technology and multiple-media capabilities. HTML5 symbolizes the future of the web, and many are already signing on.

Take Advantage

Social media and evolving mobile startups are rapidly changing the way consumers shape their life. Now more than ever people are using mobile applications when making decisions about what to buy, where to eat, keeping up with friends, and even where to live. Your idea can be apart of this new evolution. There is an increasing desire to integrate mobile application and media in our daily lives. Don’t be left behind.



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